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Welcome to the wiki about my on-going and unpublished book series called Legends and it's spin-off Legacies, my attempt on wizard fiction which is based on Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling, but not a copy of it. This wiki is made only for my personal purposes, and I'll add the pages in order to have the plot written before I can complete the series.


Legends is a book series published in Greek by Wattpad. There are seven books in it, and since I came up with this idea recently, the status of the series is on-going and, may I say, non started yet. The titles of the books in English are:

The Crown of Grace (Book 1)

The Cursed Bride (Book 2)

The Sapphire Beauty (Book 3)

The Abyss of Shadows (Book 4)

The Game of Dawn (Book 5)

The Blade of Argus (Book 6)

The League of Slaughter (Book 7)

Each book until the fifth one covers a year of the Imperium School of Magic. From The Game of Dawn and on, the books cover the last year at the Imperium, divided into three of nine months each.

My characters are based on some of the Harry Potter ones, but that doesn't mean they are completely similar to them. There are common traits and similarities but the story-line as far as I am with it is different.

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